Seeing What Should Not Be Seen

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Mar. 15, 2020

Key Verse: Genesis 3:1-13

In the Garden, when Adam and Ever partook of the fruit, their eyes were opened to things they should not have seen. Fear, doubt, shame. Eve saw the fruit and desired it. Partaking of the fruit their eyes were opened to their nakedness. Where they were once comfortable with God, connected, they then created a disconnect. And God knew. He knew when they ate they fruit, He knew they would, He knew where they were when they did. When He called for them, it wasn't because He didn't know. It wasn't for His benefit, but for theirs. When God calls for us, it's not for His benefit, but for ours. We need to know where we are. He calls to us in the midst of the darkness so that we can see where we are.