Often in the body, we are people of reaction. The enemy takes a shot at us and we feel like we have to shoot back. Our God is a God…

Push Through

February 2, 2020
The woman with the issue of blood, she tried and tried for 12 years...and only got worse. You may have faced things and it may have felt like forever. You…


January 26, 2020
'Who are My temples?' We are the temples of the holy spirit. We are called to be his temples and tabernacles the river of life can flow out of. Wherever…

The Word

January 22, 2020
Many times we are not as spiritual as we think we are. You cannot accomplish all that God has for you in 2020 by yourself...You need your strength and the…


January 19, 2020
Join us as we continue our 21 day fast, focusing on Consecration, Preparation and Application. This week marks the beginning of the application phase of our fast!


January 12, 2020
It's not God that needs to move closer to us. It's us that needs to move closer to him. Theres no problem with God...but with us. Nothing else has the…

2020-Year of Response

January 5, 2020
Hope in the unseen is faith. If we are not responding to the things God has placed in us, then that lack of response brings about undesired results. 2020 will…


December 29, 2019
I have to know how to get where I'm going. If I don't know how to get where I'm going...I'll stay still. I can have a goal, an endpoint in…


December 22, 2019
Faith is the substance of things HOPED for. He is faithful. He hears us. He is willing. We can have hope for these things. The pagan worries about tomorrow, but…

Sow Sparingly, Reap Sparingly

November 24, 2019
When a relationship is reaping sparingly, don't stop giving. It's always our nature as humans to give up, give in, if a relationship stops blooming, starts reaping sparingly. But if…

Discipleship: Not Easy

November 17, 2019
Discipleship is not easy. Being a disciple is not easy. Not everyone goes into discipleship. Being a disciple brings correction into people's lives and not every believer wants correction. Handle…

Our Most Precious Gift

November 10, 2019
You only have this moment moving forward. You cannot get these past times back. God had given you time, talents and resources. USE them. Even if it fails, it's better…


November 3, 2019
We think that giving thanks is just 'Thank you.' When really, giving thanks, giving something, requires something of us. A man in sin always wants to hide. Fear comes from…

Power in Prayer

October 27, 2019
You're gonna be weary sometimes. You're gonna wanna quit. Keep going. Keep cultivating. When you grow weary, come back, fill yourself with His spirit and you'll leave it feeling better,…
As you study the word of God, as you pray, as you give, it will cultivate something on the inside of you. Love people you don't agree with. We want…


October 13, 2019
What is prayer? Prayer is a portal to the heavenlies. Prayer is a lifeline. Prayer is both the starting line..and the finish.

Days of Awe

October 6, 2019
There is no destiny or dynasty or riches and glory outside of Him. All that is outside of Him, is darkness. Do not search for the light in dark places.

Life is for the Living

September 29, 2019
God desires that we would taste of His goodness. Blessed is the man who trusts him, those that taste and see are able to trust and be blessed. Even the…

Mighty Men

September 22, 2019
We look at these heroes of the bible, these mighty men of God, warriors. But that is not where they started. They weren't always heroes, warriors, mighty men. According to…


September 15, 2019
I may not know where you are...frankly I don't care, I want to know where HE is... Where you are is where you are, where HE is, is better. So…
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