October 13, 2019
What is prayer? Prayer is a portal to the heavenlies. Prayer is a lifeline. Prayer is both the starting line..and the finish.

Days of Awe

October 6, 2019
There is no destiny or dynasty or riches and glory outside of Him. All that is outside of Him, is darkness. Do not search for the light in dark places.

Life is for the Living

September 29, 2019
God desires that we would taste of His goodness. Blessed is the man who trusts him, those that taste and see are able to trust and be blessed. Even the…

Mighty Men

September 22, 2019
We look at these heroes of the bible, these mighty men of God, warriors. But that is not where they started. They weren't always heroes, warriors, mighty men. According to…


September 15, 2019
I may not know where you are...frankly I don't care, I want to know where HE is... Where you are is where you are, where HE is, is better. So…
If the world hates you you're doing good. If the world agrees with you, is happy with you, happy with your principals, you're doing bad.  We don't doubt Gods ability to…

Taste and See

September 1, 2019
God will only bless us to the degree that we are prepared for. God didn't give you talents to have you hide them in the backyard and never use them.…
'If you're not willing to pick up your cross for me then you're not worthy of me.' You may be a casual Christian and there's nothing wrong with that, but…
Often times, it’s not that we doubt God, we doubt God in us. We believe God but we don’t believe God can move in us. We doubt God’s power in us. We need…


August 11, 2019
Know the need. Many look at their needs all wrong. Your wants are not your needs. There is no gray area when it comes to your needs. They are solid,…


August 4, 2019
How much are you willing to give, to get? Outpourings, signs and wonders, prayer and worship, how much are you willing to give? Give to the level that you wish…

Digging up Old Wells

July 28, 2019
There are old pillars, old altars that need to be rebuilt in your life. Little bits of integrity and intimacy, in our prayer life, giving life, that may not be taking…

Still Small Voice

July 14, 2019
Listen to the still small voice. Listen between the words. Listen to what is being said, when nothing is being said.
Even a drought is a blessing, sometimes the drought is the only way you see that something is wrong. 


June 30, 2019
Such a time as this. We need to be nevertheless, at such a time as this, kind of people. We are given a number of breaths, heartbeats, days and we…


June 23, 2019
We as believers sometimes tend to settle and we sometimes settle in hostile territory. Jesus did not die so that you could settle in weakness. I’m not saying you can’t go through…

Giving the Best

June 16, 2019
We need to begin being the type of individuals that give the very best that we can. As a parent I always desire to give the very best that I…
We make mistakes all the time, sometimes by mistake, unknowingly but we also do so knowingly, on purpose we sin. But know that God has us in a process, moving forward. Sometimes…

Prepare for Pentecost

June 2, 2019
Join us as Pastor Andrew Von Wald speaks on preparing for Pentecost!
Join us as we look at the evidence of what we believe and if there is enough evidence.
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