WeR1 pt. 9 – Hear It, See It, Touch It, Do It

November 4, 2018

As Kingdom pursuers we need to begin to look at our different compasses. These compasses will lead us either unto destruction or closer to the Kingdom. We need to look at our moral compass and understand that anything outside the bible is immoral. No ifs, ands or buts. We need to be walking in the Kingdom of light, God’s kingdom. Walking in the kingdom of darkness will always only lead to hell. Next we need to look at our intuitive compass. We need to begin to move in the direction of what is right. If we underestimate ourselves we don’t have to live with the responsibilities of an overachiever. We look within ourselves to find our intuitive compass, to look towards what we believe to be true and right. We must also begin to look at our historical compasses. We must look back to our pasts to know where we are coming from. Look back at our failures to learn how to do it right this time. Failure is not a complete failure unless it is not learned from. With that being said the next compass is our directional compass. Learn from your past but don’t stay in it, move forward. Intentionally put one foot in front of the other and look where you’re going. If you don’t look where you’re going, you’ll trip. How many times do we get so distracted by what is around us that we stumble and fall because we aren’t looking where we’re walking? Our next compass is our strategic compass. We must assess those that are around us. Are they the people that will help us forward, help us grow, help us in this team? We, as single people and as a full team will only reach success knowing and doing the will of God, not our own will. The last compass we must look to when pursuing the Kingdom is our visionary compass. This compass is different than our directional compass. There are things beyond what we can see now. We may see a storm or a high mountain in our way now but if we cannot begin to see what is beyond that storm, beyond that high mountain, we won’t be able to make it through or over it. There are things beyond the storm you are going through and you must begin to be able to see them. And not only begin to see them but begin to shift and move things now to prepare for what’s after the storm, to prepare to get you through the storm. Don’t just look in the direction you’re going but be able to look beyond it.

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