WeR1 pt. 6 – One Goal, One Vision, One Team

October 14, 2018

God divinely purposed that you would be here. That you would be a part of this team. As a team we must show unity. As we show unity, the demons of Hell will stir. As we show unity, it makes the demons quake. If we want the gates of Hell to tremble, we need to get united. As a team we need to understand that we don’t have the time for the forces of Hell. We have a job to do. The pagan kings of this world may rise up but I don’t have time for that. I have gates and walls to build for the Kingdom of God. We have to have a big goal for the kingdom of God. A big goal means we need a big vision. A big vision means we need a big team. To begin to have a vision we must have more than a Christian mindset. I want a Kingdom mindset, a look at the big picture, rather than a small, Christian picture.

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