WeR1 Pt. 4 – Seeing the Big Picture

September 30, 2018

When wanting to see the bigger picture there are four things we must keep in mind. The first is that there will be a press against us. The best ways for us to strengthen as individuals and as a team is through the press. God doesn’t make us go through the hardships but he allows us to go through them so that we may strengthen. Fortification comes through the storm. If there are no storms to go through, what are we supposed to fortify against? Blind Bartimaeus didn’t let the people quiet him but pressed forward against them. The second thing we must do is let go of the past. As a team when it’s time to press, you need to press along with your team. If one of your team members or you, are holding onto the past, you are bringing the rest of the team down. We tend to carry in today the negative things that people did to us yesterday. Stop spending time looking back, look forward to the Cross. Sometimes we tend to get comfy in our bitterness and we bring others into our bitterness, shackling and slowing down everyone. Blind Bart threw off his beggar’s cloak. Jesus did not come so that you could continue to carry your beggar’s cloak. The third thing we must do to see the big picture is know what we need. Many of us do not know what they need. We must widen our gazes and desire to see in the areas where we have blind spots. When we are able to see in these areas where we are blind we are better able to see the big picture. To see God’s big picture. I pray that I would see me how He sees me. We need to understand that we have flaws and when we go back to fix those flaws, not to start over. We need to readjust, realign ourselves, not scrap it all and start from scratch. We should not throw out our gifts with the garbage.

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