WeR1 Pt. 3 – 4 Principles of a Team

September 23, 2018
Passage: Matthew 16:13-19

Don’t get into the game until you’re ready or you will get hurt. Today we are talking about the four principles of a team. T.E.A.M. To be teachable. To be exclusive. To be ambitious. To move. To be a team, the members of the team have to be teachable. If not, you will never get any better. Do you really want who you are today to be your ‘best’? You cannot give what you have not been given. How can you lay hands if you have not learned, if you have not been taught. If you are unteachable how can YOU teach? Peter had to learn how to be a fisher of men before he could go out and be that. To be in a team you have to be exclusive. The disciples were exclusive to Jesus. The 5,000 were spectators, not part of the team. They were not those that Christ had chosen to come in closer. We did not choose Jesus, He chose us. A team member must be ambitious. Ambitious means ‘having or showing a strong determination to succeed’. Christ died so that we could win. We need to look at the world and want to win those souls. Determine to succeed in winning those souls. Jesus did not die on the cross for us to lose. We wonder, during storms, during hard times, why God would allow us to go through this if He wants us to win. God allows storms to come into our lives so we can get through it. To see we are winners. To see that we CAN make it through. The kingdom of God does not resemble our desperation. It resembles our victory. If we stay in that place of despair and desperation we are not adequately representing the kingdom. Your remaining in desperation is a sin. We cannot stay in that place we once were. We must move. We must be active. Do not let the church be the only place that you lift Him up.

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