WeR1 Pt. 2 – Seeing and Doing

September 16, 2018

We, as a team and a single person, need to see the vision God has set for us. The vision that we need will not be through flesh and blood but it is through the revelation that He is God. Through this revelation, Hell will not prevail. We as the body of Christ must say that good is good and evil is evil. We must draw that line and show to the world that this is good and this is evil. If we do not, then who will? The church is God’s divine institution that is meant to show His love and grace. We must get rid of the concept that going to church makes us the church. The church is not just the church on Sunday. It is church everyday. Sunday church is meant to prepare us for the week, to teach us how to live throughout the week. We take what we learn on Sunday and apply it to our lives through the week. When we come together as one we make declarations of God. It is not done solo but done in unity. WE link arms with Him, not I, alone.

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