WeR1 Pt. 1 – Ekklesia

September 9, 2018

We’re starting out our new sermon series of Teamwork, WeR1 this week. The principles of teamwork that we will be touching on are trust, communication, conflict, commitment and accountability. We need to talk about the new testament church vs. the modern church. The new testament church turned the secular, sinful world upside down while the modern church is being turned upside down by the sinful world. In many ways we are tied more to the world than the body. It is time for the Ekklesia, the team, to arise. We must form a team that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. My goal over the next couple of months is to transform your family, your job and this tribe. Where there was lack, bring abundance. Where there was gossip and back biting, bring unity and strength. Where there was complaint, bring praise. Red, yellow, black, white, male, female, republican, democrat, rich or poor, WE ARE ONE.

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