WeR1 Ekklesia pt. 10 – Hard, Rock and Weeds

November 11, 2018

Thank you to our veterans and their families.

When talking about the parable of the sower and the seed we need to understand that the field is our hearts. Looking at our own hearts we can not make the mistake of believing we only have good ground in our fields. There are areas where we have rocks in our heart. Areas where we get excited, fired up for something but once the sun comes out, it withers. Areas that have the thorns, the cares of this world that choke out that passion when it has sprouted. Areas that people have trampled over. Areas that can’t even receive the seed because it has not been cultivated. We must look within at those areas. If we want to become the Ekklesia, the Kingdom tribe, we must first look within and tend to those areas. What’s within us affects what is on the outside, affects those around you. Our thorns affect each other’s lives. Your thorns affect me and my thorns affect you. Take a step back, evaluate and love. Don’t take the splinter our of your brothers eye when you have a beam in yours. Focus on the beam in your eye, tending to and removing it, then begin to tend to your brothers.

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