April 7, 2019
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We like to say that something is our ‘god-given right’. To talk freely is my God given right. To do what I want is my God given right. There’s only one right we really have. ‘You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.’ In a kingdom, you don’t have a voice because the only voice that matters is the voice of the king. What he says, is law. What he says is immediately the way. You don’t get a choice.

Kingdoms are made up of kings, dukes, earl’s, peasants, serfs, knights and so many more. Each individual has a title and they know their role. It’s the kings job to be the king. Not the peasant. Not the duke.They have expressed purpose, destiny. Jesus sent his disciples out with purpose, a certain power, with a message of the kingdom.He has sent us out to declare the same message of the kingdom. The reason you have the job that you do is to spread the message of the kingdom in that place. You were sent to that place to be a representation of the kingdom.

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