Making Arrows

May 12, 2019

If God is not in an area of your life, it is in vain. Everything we involve God in, it will be something that bears fruit for all eternity. Every area we invite God into, he will come in, bless that area and there will be eternal blessings. God has given you, mothers, the ability to nurture and raise up. Pouring out good Godly heritage is such a necessity. Our society, our church, is crying out for women of God to be mothers. Our children are a heritage from the Lord. He has given you, the warrior, arrows for your quiver.

As parents we are the warriors, we need to be skilled in our weaponry. An arrow has four parts. The head, the shaft, the fletching and the nock. It is up to the warrior to sharpen the warriors head. Some arrows have dull heads and cannot pierce. The shaft is the body- we could not be who we are without our body. The fletching is the spirit- if we don’t have the fletching we won’t fly straight, we'll go all over the place. The fletching need to be arranged accordingly or the arrow won’t fly correctly. The nock is the foundation- this is where the rubber meets the road, the nock needs to be strong, sturdy to keep the arrow in place, to be able to send it off. How you handle those arrows, the arrows God has given you, will bring to light the type of warrior you are.

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