Infinite, Intimate, Identity pt. 2

February 10, 2019
Passage: Luke 5:11
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As you grow closer, you desire to grow closer. As you taste your Heavenly Father’s love, you desire for more of His love. But that can also be said of sin. The closer you grow to your sin, the more you desire to grow even closer to it. Those desires will never be fulfilled. The more you try to fill that hole with the desires of this world, the bigger the hole gets. The more you bind yourself to those things, the more unsatisfied that you feel. You’re not simply binding yourself to the things of the world but you’re binding yourself to the enemy. It brings despair and destruction. You weren’t formed to be bound to those things. Peter wasn’t created to be a fisherman but a fisher OF men. If you have not found yourself in your Heavenly Father, you will never be satisfied. It was in His likeness that you were formed. As you get to know Him, you get to know you and as you get to know you in Him, you realize what true satisfaction and identity are.

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