Christmas Service

December 23, 2018

Everything Jesus has done has been for Kingdom purpose. The reason He has done everything He has done for us, has been for Kingdom purpose. I can’t begin to fathom this. All that this means. Everything God has done and will do has been for us, for the ekklesia. Looking back at the birth of Christ in Luke 2 we see that God became flesh. And it was messy. Childbirth is messy and the Lord our God became flesh, became human and allowed Himself to be born! Jesus was born. Came forth from a woman’s womb, with all the blood and other stuff. He allowed Himself to have his diapers changed, to be fed and burped. He became HUMAN. He tripped, He fell, He skinned His knees. GOD! Can you even begin to imagine? I cannot fathom the creator of earth, of light, humiliating Himself, getting His diapers changed.

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