Back 2 the Basics — The Victorious Church

June 3, 2018
Passage: Revelation 19
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We continued this past Sunday in our Back 2 the Basics sermon series as we looked at Revelation 19 in relation to the victorious church. From this passage we can see that the time for the victory is not just at the end of time. It is now. In Genesis it says that God created us in His image. So with that being said— God created us to win, and He destined us for victory.

Outside of Jesus there is no victory, life or light. But going beyond that, those things cannot exist outside of the church either. The church IS the body of Christ. In Matthew 16, Jesus says that He will build His CHURCH upon the rock— not the single believer. When we are in Christ and tied into the body of Christ, we experience perfect victory. We need to wake up to this truth and allow ourselves to come alive. Come alive to our sin being forgiven and our sickness being healed. Jesus is the head of the church, we are His body and therefore, enemy is under our feet.

We are stronger together. Hear the Word, speak the Word and do the Word in unity. You will experience the victory corporately.

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