Back 2 the Basics — Knowing the Church, pt 3

April 22, 2018
Passage: Isaiah 61:1-4
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This week we discussed, in detail, the following phrase — God cannot be God through you until He is God to you. In Isaiah 61:1-4 several promises from God are outlined. Promises that we ourselves are anointed to fulfill through Christ during our time on this earth. But in order for us to fulfill these promises, we must undergo the process of healing, and allow Jesus to minister to the areas of brokenness or captivity in our lives. This process is what prepares us for the promises of God. It allows us to operate within the anointing that is described in Isaiah 61. But if you choose to negate the process, you will negate the promise as well.

In 1 Samuel 30, David returns back to his village after being on the run from Saul. Many attempts had been made on his life, but he survived. But when he and his men returned home, they found their village in ruins. It had been burned and raided. Wives and children had been taken. David wept until he no longer had strength, and his men began to plot against him. They intended to stone him. However, in the midst of all of the turmoil and pain, David found his strength in the Lord. Then, less than 72 hours later, he was anointed King of Judah. The promise of God was fulfilled.

In order to take hold of the promises God has for us, we must be honest about our issues so we can go through the process of healing. If we deny our problems, we deny our healing as well. Then, we must be ready and willing to remove the crown of ashes for a crown of beauty, so that we can walk into the fullness of the promises of God.

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