RCCA - School K4-12

our mission

love god . . . love others . . . love the world. . . by winning souls & making disciples

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy

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Excellent Classical Education Based upon a Biblical Worldview

Renaissance Classical Christian Academy was founded in order to serve the families in the greater Cumberland, Hoke, and Robeson Counties by offering the finest education, all taught through the lens of a biblical worldview. Please take a few minutes to explore our site, http://rccaonline.com and then call, email, or stop by for a visit. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

A little about who we are

We strive to cultivate these same qualities in our staff and faculty. Our goal is to have a diligent and professional faculty that loves God, loves the students, and loves their subject. We desire that every teacher believe in and have a thorough knowledge of classical education and be able to apply it in the classroom.

We aim to develop in our parents a sense of responsibility for the education of their children and for the success of the school. We desire that the parents be well informed and support the goals of a classical and Christian approach to education. We encourage parents to follow the biblical mandates for addressing concerns and to listen to both sides of a story before reacting to any concern.

Finally, we will strive to be beyond reproach in all our business dealings by obtaining and maintaining a reputation that glorifies our Lord. We will promote the unity of the Body of Christ by encouraging greater fellowship and understanding between the Saints of different fellowships. Ultimately, it is our prayer that RCCA serve the cause of Christ by expanding His Kingdom and by bringing honor and glory to His name.We seek to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to educate and train their children. In our secondary role, we will strive to foment an ardent love of God, genuine humility, and the ability to recognize true faith from religion in form only. Our classes will be designed to train young men and women to listen intently with discernment, reason logically and thoroughly, and persuade through cogent argument delivered verbally or in writing. We desire that they be able to discern between truth and deception in all of life’s experiences and joyfully choose to follow the path illuminated by the revealed truth of Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

Our aim is to train our students to recognize cultural influences as they differ from a biblical view and to have the personal fortitude to choose the latter. We desire our students to be socially gracious and spiritually graceful in every situation. We strive to equip our student with the “tools of learning” and ignite a lifelong passion to seek knowledge, while realizing the limitations and foolishness of human wisdom. We want each student to have a heart for the lost and the ability to articulately present the Gospel message.