Back 2 the Basics — Pentecost Sunday

In 1 Samuel 30, David and his men return to Ziklag only to find everything destroyed and their wives and families taken by the Amalekites. They were all devastated, but in the midst of this crisis, David’s men initiated plans to stone David. However, instead of giving up all hope, David found strength in the Lord. He asked the Lord if he should pursue their enemy, and the Lord instructed him to do so. Six-hundred men rallied around David at that point. They overcame their enemy and everything that had been taken was returned to them. As a gesture of of honor and unity, David shared his plunder with the elders, as well as the men who were unable to help fight.

We will surely have hardship. The enemy will indeed strike, and there will be storms to face. But don’t be surprised when that happens. Don’t be surprised when your friends turn their backs on you. Don’t be surprised when you must be the one to strengthen yourself in the Lord. For if there was never a battle, there would also never be a victory.

So, prepare yourself for victory. Inquire of the Lord for wisdom and guidance. Seize every opportunity for victory that is presented to you.

Then be ready to pursue and to fight. Do not give up in the battle when it gets difficult. Go forward and advance. The victory will come!

Then, when you have obtained your victory, do not forget those who poured into your life. Those who enabled you to get to where you are. Remember your elders. Share your victory with them– because it’s theirs too.

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