A Trip to the Capital

This past week my daughter, Taylor, and I were blessed and honored to be invited to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. by Congressman Richard Hudson. I must say, I did not realize that this breakfast is one of D.C.’s “hot-ticket” events. After doing some research, I became aware of what an honor we were being given.
I met Congressman Hudson a few months ago when he requested that someone open a local meeting in prayer. He asked our Mayor of Fayetteville at the time, Nat Robertson, to recommend someone, and I was honored to be the one invited. After meeting with the mayor and congressman, my eyes began to open to the realization that being a politician is a calling and we need more men and women of God in those positions. For those who know me, you know I absolutely do not preach politics or the news– not CNN, not FOX. Prior to this past week, I considered my close relationship with our former mayor to be an anomaly, and believed that having a good and godly man in office was rare. I now realize my conclusion was incorrect and my opinion has drastically changed. As I sat in the front row at the Prayer Breakfast next to my congressman and a table over from Ted Cruz, I stood amazed at how many great and godly men and women serve our country. 
I spoke at great length with Mr. Hudson about God, our wives, our children and our churches. We talked about the men and women of God who have impacted our lives, as well as our children’s’ latest bumps and bruises. We talked about miracles we’ve seen and prayers that have been answered. Each of us shared our callings and the passion we have for what we do. 
Later in the day, Dan Forrest, North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, stopped by and I was able to spend time talking to him as well.
After spending some time with these men, I stood in a bit of awe. Not because I was able to hang out with men of such great authority, but because of the realization that they are good, godly men AND they are politicians. The opportunity to attend the Prayer Breakfast has changed my mindset. I observed individuals of power– regardless of racial or ethnic origin, whether Republican, Democrat or undecided — come together, pray and intercede in the name of Jesus. Wherever His name is invoked, it brings life and hope. When I left the National Prayer Breakfast, I was filled with both.

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