Cliffdale Tribe

At the end of last year, I was able to spend a couple of days in Myrtle Beach praying and seeking God’s desire and vision for Cliffdale in 2018. It proved to be the perfect place to hear God’s voice and write the strategy because it was cold and rainy, so I spent most of my time indoors. The strategy God gave me began with two months of preparation leading up to our REACT weekend. Our team came together to plan, prepare and ensure that everything was ready. The curriculum, powerpoints and time spent in prayer were all in place. So with over thirty people participating, we watched God work all weekend. Lives were changed and hearts were healed. Upon returning from the retreat this past Sunday, I listened to various testimonies in our 10:30am service of how so many people were touched. Then it dawned on me that not only had God healed and transformed people’s lives, but He had also brought us together. Cohesion with one another was formed, and a sense of “oneness” began to take place. In Paul’s letter to the Church at Corinth, he said that we are many members but only one body. Many times in the Body of Christ, we profess oneness but our lives demonstrate something different. Perhaps the most effective way to come together is to set everything aside, turn off the cell phone, step back from Facebook and get away. Spend time with one another, talk to one another, pray with one another. We are not created to be alone. We are created to be part of a community– to be part of a tribe. When the tribe has an opportunity to grow closer together, I’m all for it. Healing, miracles and mending all took place this weekend, but I am most grateful for the oneness that was formed.

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