Knowing God the Son, Pt 2

December 17, 2017
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Two-thousand years ago, in the city of David, our Messiah was born. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary in, of all places, a stable. Most modern-day depictions of a stable look similar to a barn. And although the stable was used as a barn, it looked considerably different than what we typically picture. It was not a wooden structure with a thatched roof. It was most like a small cave where animals could be kept during the winter or bad weather.

It is important to address this because God was very intentional about choosing the place His Son would be born. Consider for a moment this hole in a hill. It had always been used for something ordinary. It never held anything great or wonderful —just an average stable. Yet on that night two-thousand years ago, angels did proclaim, heaven’s host did sing, a star did shine and shepherds did come — because on the inside of that stable was born the promise that all of creation had been waiting for.

So during this time as we celebrate the glorious birth of our Savior, you may feel a void in your spirit or like you are stuck in a hole in a hill. You may feel like you can’t catch a break, like ends will never meet or like the promise will never come. BUT! God wants to make you into a modern-day stable — the place His promise will be born. Just as God searched for Mary, God has searched high and low looking for the one who can do what only you can do (with His help). He has made you to be the birthplace of His promise. Just consider the depth, width and breath of the blessing that your promise could, can and will be to others.

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