Knowing God the Holy Spirit, Pt 6

February 18, 2018
Passage: 1 Samuel 15
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In 1 Samuel 15, we learn about the fall of King Saul, as well as the anointing of King David. Saul chose not to obey God completely when told to destroy the Amalekites, and as a result the anointing from the Lord was removed. Samuel then anointed David as the new king of Israel. But even after David received the anointing, he had to submit to and undergo a process that spanned the course of many years before becoming kind of a unified Israel.

In order to sharpen a sword, it must undergo a process. The process is difficult and requires a the sword to be scraped across a hard surface over and over again. And just as a sword undergoes a process to be sharpened, we as believers do as well. It is designed to bring out our gifting(s) and abilities. But unfortunately, many times we choose to give up in the midst of the difficulty because it becomes too hard. We stop short of the prize that awaits us at the end of that race. Saul rejected the process. David accepted it. When we accept the process, we enable ourselves to become more effective.

The motivational gifts of the Spirit that emerge out of us include prophecy/perceiver, server, teacher, exhorter, giver, administrator and compassion. Please listen to the podcast when it becomes available so you can learn more about these gifts. Then you will be able to better identify which one(s) resonates on the inside of you.

The Holy Spirit wants us to be His partners in spreading the Gospel, and He gives us gifts to enable us to do that. But for us to be able to operate in the gifts God has already placed inside of us, we must submit to and accept the process.

So, you may not understand where God has you right now — but will you accept it?

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