Knowing God the Holy Spirit, Pt 4

February 4, 2018
Passage: Exodus 23:20-33
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We continued discussing the Holy Spirit this past Sunday — who He is, what He is and what He wants. First, He is God. He has all the power and authority that God the Father has and he provides certain blessings to those who obey and listen to the voice of the Spirit. In Exodus 23:20-33 there are certain blessings mentioned — protection, blessing of food and water, your enemies will be His blessings, no barrenness, He will drive out your enemies before you, etc. The church needs to identify with the messenger in this passage in order to enact Kingdom expansion!

Second, He is a gift-giver and fruit-bearer. Ephesians 4:11-16 outlines the ministry gifts that Jesus GAVE to His people. Any gift God desires to give should be held in high regard. He has given these gifts to equip His people and so that they won’t be tossed around by different winds of doctrine. When we are established in our gifting, we can remain solid and confident.

Lastly, He wants participants. The world is crying out for help and for a change, but they don’t have the answer. We do. It’s time to rise up.

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